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Shrimp in Sriracha Butter

by laine on September 6, 2011

This is a recipe from a little corner article featuring Sriracha hot sauce in Bon Appetite. Not sure which month, since it wasn’t my magazine and my husband took pictures of the recipes using his  iphone. Sriracha is my most favourite condiment. I use it a lot, even when I probably shouldn’t like my friend Brad with ketchup. So, I was happy to run across these recipes and I’m sure I’ll share almost every one.

This was deee-licious and we spoiled our dinner by eating a pound of shrimp first. We still ate dinner, but we weren’t comfortable. It was so simple and tasted really fresh and light, but with a nice kick of heat at the same time. I used raw frozen shrimp where the recipe calls for head on shrimp, but this would be terrific with whole peel and eat shrimp as well. I’m going to make it again tomorrow for a friend who has an equal affinity for Sriracha. It’s going to knock his hot sauce loving socks off!

Whip 2 tbls. butter with 6 tbls. Sriracha and melt in skillet. Saute 3 cloves of garlic in it and toss in 1 pound head on shrimp. Just before they’re done, add 1 tbls. lemon zest and 2 tbls. each minced mint and basil and let them wilt. Serve as an appetizer or piled on steamed artichokes.

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